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Nupen Staude de Vries Incorporated is a boutique law firm specialising in Construction, Mining and Environmental Law. The founders of the firm, Lili Nupen, Cameron Staude and the late Sonia de Vries, have accumulated a vast amount of experience at both international law firms and the ‘big five’ local law firms in South Africa.

The firm was launched with an aim of providing a highly specialised and relevant legal service to the niche markets in which we operate – construction and mining sectors.

The firm aims to provide a highly specialised and relevant legal service to the construction and mining sectors. Lili Nupen is an expert in all aspects of mining regulatory law and in particular the 2018 Mining Charter and the Implementation Guidelines. Cameron Staude is well versed in the FIDIC, NEC, JBCC, GCC construction contracts, in addition to his extensive experience with bespoke construction contracts.

Our dedicated team combines in-depth knowledge and experience with an efficient, solution-oriented approach. We are constantly reviewing the latest legal developments in the markets so as to be able to advise on and implement appropriate and relevant solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

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